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Merriment and melodies


Just jammin'

I spent one afternoon this past weekend basking in some unusual sunshine in Melbourne whilst some of my family was having a bit of an impromptu jam session. It was fun. But most importantly, it was funny.

Listening to them play all sorts of songs, from The Beatles to Michael Buble and even a bit of Megadeath, I started thinking about how wonderful music really is. Not that I’ve ever thought anything to the contrary.

It’s just great how music can do so many things; like really change your mood, bring people together or even help you see yourself in a different light.

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All creatures great and… AWOL???


Deer Boulevard?

Earlier this week I saw on the news that four deer were on the loose on the streets of the Gold Coast. While I really did understand the implications of this and the danger it may cause to drivers and community members, I found myself with a slight smirk on my face when I saw the footage. Deers running along the road is quite amusing, don’t you think? So many gags about Santa here, I’m sure.

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He does have a heart


Okay, I’m going to admit it now, I’m a big fan of The Simpsons. Yes, you read right, the animated television show, The Simpsons.

Just in case you’re confused, as there are a few animated shows on the telly at the moment, it’s the one with the yellow skinned family who live in Evergreen Terrace in Springfield. It’s about the life of parents Homer and Marge and their three kids Bart, Lisa and baby Maggie.

I think they get a bit of a bad rap sometimes because for the general viewing public it appears like a nonsensical show about a dysfunctional family. And 10 year old Bart gets his fair share of criticism for being a delinquent, bad boy, but I really think he is just misunderstood.

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Post-it with the most-it


Post-it Inventor, Arthur Fry

It’s been 30 years since the invention of one of my favourite organisational tools… the Post-it Note. Invented by Arthur Fry, an American inventor and scientist, when he couldn’t get standard scraps of paper to mark certain pages of his hymn book.

Over the past thirty years, these little bits of paper with a dab of glue have become quite famous! I believe over six billion (yes, billion) are sold in over 800 countries around the world every year.

And personally, I am sure I’m responsible for at least 10% of those sales. Haha! I always like to have a good stack of my ‘coloured memory pads’ near me at all times. On the desk, atop the fridge, next to the bed… they’re never too far away.

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