Something Happy From NYC


Overlooking New York City

As you would know, over the past week or so most of the things we’ve seen in the media about New York City has been sad news. Reliving the tragic events of ten years ago… September 11, 2001. Of course, I can appreciate the extent to which the events on that fateful day changed the city, the country and even the world, but as this blog is all about sharing the moments worth smiling about I wanted to flip it on it’s head and share a wonderfully happy story from the Big Apple.

A group in America recently constructed a custom wooden lectern with a megaphone holster and an attached sign that read, ‘Say Something Nice’.

They placed the lectern in a public space in New York and then left alone. It was a mission to see the New Yorkers would do if given the opportunity to amplify their voices to ‘say something nice’.

Watch the video below and see what happened…

Great, wasn’t it? My favourite part reminded me of a special little three year old in my life… ‘to infinity and beyond!’ 🙂

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  1. Hehe. What an awesome idea to share some love. Although, that little boy is not the ‘real buzz’. The real buzz would have pressed the button on his chest to activate his wings and flown off as he was saying ‘To infinity and Beyond’ !!

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