Fun with Fotos


I’m not really a photographer of any kind. Sure, I can take the odd happy snap from time to time, but I wouldn’t really say photography is my forte. Anyway, somehow I recently stumbled across a photography competition online called Young Me, Now Me. The idea is to recapture a photo of yourself from when you were young… in the same style, pose and even clothing where possible. So, I thought I’d have a look at what other fun, and funny, ideas are out there in the world of photography.

Young Me, Now Me

Mila and one of her daydreams

When photographer, Adele Enerson, went on maternity leave when she had her cute little girl, Mila, she came up with a fun idea one day during her daughter’s nap time. Adele was wondering what Mila was dreaming about so she used some things around the house to create a scene from her daydream and took a photo. She did it the day after too. And the day after that. Until, before she new it she was creating a blog… Mila’s Mum’s blog.

Andy G's Day 209

Another interesting idea is that of Project 365 or others of a similar nature. That is to take a photo of yourself every day for a year.  The only ‘rules’ are that you have to be in the photo and you can only post one photo every day. Even one of Australia’s favourite television hosts, Andy G, did it last year and in September this year he had an exhibition of his photos. See an interview with him and some of the shots here.

And one last interesting idea – and I must say it is growing on me – is the concept of Trash the Dress. TTD is a style of wedding photography that is believed to have started about 10 years ago in Las Vegas (where else!?!) and involves a second photo shoot after the wedding in which the couple can take some amazing glamour photography shots in which the wedding dress is destroyed. This may be intentionally or unintentionally through limitless expression where they pose in creeks or lakes, on the beach or in grotty laneways; without a care in the world for the dress.

Trash the Dress - by Two Photographers

So, what do you think? Did some of these photos make you laugh? Perhaps they inspired you to start your own photo journal? Or are you pulling out your family photo album ready to recapture some childhood moments? If nothing else, I hope at least they made you smile.

‘Til next time,


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  1. I’m loving the Trash the Dress concept B! The photos look fantastic and are certainly not your run-of-the-mill wedding pics. I’m not married but surely it’s more memorable to have a photo like that than keep your wedding dress in a box for 20 years? 🙂

    • Yes, how great is it? At first I was a bit shocked, but then I thought what a fun idea. Perhaps I could pull out my dress and we could do some anniversary photos one year??? (IF the dress still fits, that is!). 🙂

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