Lost and Never Found


I’ve lost some money. Well not ‘some’ money; a lot of money. 17,000 dollars, in fact and I’ve spent hours looking for it and I cannot find it. The good thing is it’s technically not real money (thank goodness) it’s in the figures for my business’ annual accounts. Still a concern, of course, but I’m sure it’s just an incorrect figure somewhere.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world a British couple have really lost some money. Again, it’s not ‘some’ money this time it’s millions!

When they should have been recently celebrating their first wedding anniversary, they have been thrown into a state of despair and desperation when they realised they won, and then lost, a £3million lottery fortune. You see, they hadn’t realised that they won until a little while after and at that point they could not find their ticket. Despite an investigation into their case they have been denied the multimillion dollar prize. (Note to self… never buy a lotto ticket if I don’t intend to keep hold of it firmly until I know the outcome of the draw.)

And then I started wondering about other things that have gone missing never to be found again. I’m sure there are lots of things, the world over, odd socks, for one. They disappear during a wash cycle and never turn up again. And you have all these left over socks floating around your sock drawer.

But what I’m wondering, is, if anyone, anywhere, has ever lost a vacuum cleaner? It appears I may be the first.

Our little Hoover hurricane was last seen when I took it to the local vacuum cleaner store to get a new filter. After being told they no longer made such filters the sales consultant tried to sell me a $1500 replacement machine. I politely listened to his spiel for a while then decided as I had absolutely no interest in spending any money on a new vacuum cleaner that day I should probably leave. As I walked out of the store, I remembered I didn’t arrive empty handed and quickly went back in to grab the little hurricane machine. I swiftly put it in the boot and drove home. That’s the last I remember seeing it. That was about three months ago! (We’ve had a cleaner bring her own vacuum or borrowed a neighbours in that time.)

I’ve searched everywhere since, and even a week ago did a complete turn over of everything under our staircase but to no avail. It is gone. Would someone steal it? Surely not. And how? When? (Although if our vacuum was looking as happy and friendly as this one pictured here I could see how someone might want to take it.)

Today I finally came to the conclusion that it is something from a detective novel, forever in the unexplained mysteries file, and went out a bought a new one. Strangely, I’m a little excited about the prospect of easily doing some vacuuming. I’ll happily play Sadie for a few days now. 🙂

Have you ever lost a vacuum cleaner? Have you lost anything else odd? Would love to hear your stories.

‘Til next time,


P.S This month I’m celebrating the first anniversary of this B*witching Blog. I can’t believe it’s been a year that I’ve been writing about silly shenanigans and sharing funny fables. I hope you’ve been enjoying it. If you’ve been reading for some time now, but not yet written a comment perhaps you can help celebrate the anniversary by writing to me! I’d love to hear from you. Share your thoughts or just say hello. Simply type your comments in the box below underneath ‘What do you think?’.

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Hi I'm Bianca, but most people call me B. I live on the beautiful Gold Coast in Australia. I'm addicted to sugar and Starburst Fruitfuls are my favourite 'hit'. I enjoy baking, but don't really like to cook. My favourite colour is purple, but I only eat green grapes. I love life, most of the time. Thanks for checking out my blog. If you haven't already, I recommend you have a read of the 'Why B*witching?' page at the top of the post.

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