Lost and Found… Eventually


The last post I wrote was about the strange things that are lost and never found – like our vacuum cleaner. (Weird, I know!) So today I thought it would be fun to write about some things that are lost and then eventually found. It has a much happier ring to it, don’t you think?

Speaking of rings… An Idaho woman who lost her wedding ring had almost given up home when it was miraculously found 18 months later. The diamond ring somehow came off and fell in the toilet just at the moment that she flushed it. Bam! In an instant the symbol of her and her husband’s marriage was gone.  The lady was understandably distraught and her husband did all he could to try and find it. Although she hadn’t forgotten about it she basically knew that she would never see the ring again until earlier this year when it was reported on local news that it had been found in a pipe in a sewer that was undergoing routine maintenance. The very happy woman and her husband celebrated their silver wedding anniversary last month!

Little Betty Jane was given up for adoption by her young mother, Minka, in the late 1920s. It’s a sad story as Minka and a friend were attacked and raped and it resulted in a pregnancy. Minka was only 17 years old. This article tells the story of how Minka and her ‘baby’ are reunited 77 years (yes, 77 years!) after their separation. Betty Jane, known now as Ruth Lee, describes it perfectly, “It has been such a surreal, amazing experience that I still think sometimes that I will wake up and it will just be a beautiful dream“.

Then, if we think about the wonderful world of pets, these are two of the greatest ‘lost and found’ stories I’ve ever heard. Watch the short video below to learn about a very special dog lost in Afghanastan.

And lastly, but certainly not any less wonderful, is the story of Willow the cat who had gone missing in Colorado five years earlier. Willow was thought to have been taken by a coyote despite her owners, Jamie and Chris Squires’, desperate efforts to find her. So you can imagine their surprise when they were contacted five years later by the New York Animal Care & Control Centre saying they had found a cat with the same microchip number.

It is not known, although the Squire children continue to speculate and make up funny stories, as to the cats whereabouts for the past five years or how, indeed, it travelled 1,600 miles from Colorado to New York!

Do you have any happy lost and found stories? Do share them below and make us all smile. 🙂

‘Til next time,


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  1. My sister Laura had a pen pal from America when she was a kid. As time went on they lost touch. My sister told me yesterday she googled him and found him, so she is going to try and get in contact with him again. It’s amazing how these days the Internet and social websites like Facebook enable us to reconnect with people we would otherwise have never spoken to again. I wonder how many people out there also had pen pals and can remember their names….would be fun to look them up after all these years!! I had two pen pals (American & Scottish) myself but cannot for the life of me remember their names……

    • Ahhh, the old pen pal. Do you think kids have pen pals anymore nowadays? Maybe they’re called e-pals? That’s so wonderful that Laura has located her pen pal in America. Google (or should I say the web) is amazing. So much information and help for many ‘lost and founds’. 🙂

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