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Thirteen Lessons from MMXIII


screw you 20132013 was without doubt one of the most difficult of my 32 years and, to be honest, at times I didn’t think I’d get to the end in tact. However, as I’m writing this it appears I have made it and, I must say, I’m excited about the new year and the possibilities of adventure and magic that it may bring. Excited way more than usual about a new year.

Throughout life we learn lots of things but it’s usually when things are toughest that we learn the most. We learn about ourselves, our loved ones and life in general. With this in mind, I wondering if I’m close to being a genius now after this past year. Hahaha. 2013 tried it’s darnedest to knock the stuffing out of me, but I not only managed to walk into the sunrise of 2014, I did so with an armful of new knowledge. Here is just some of it what I’ve learnt…
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