Thirteen Lessons from MMXIII


screw you 20132013 was without doubt one of the most difficult of my 32 years and, to be honest, at times I didn’t think I’d get to the end in tact. However, as I’m writing this it appears I have made it and, I must say, I’m excited about the new year and the possibilities of adventure and magic that it may bring. Excited way more than usual about a new year.

Throughout life we learn lots of things but it’s usually when things are toughest that we learn the most. We learn about ourselves, our loved ones and life in general. With this in mind, I wondering if I’m close to being a genius now after this past year. Hahaha. 2013 tried it’s darnedest to knock the stuffing out of me, but I not only managed to walk into the sunrise of 2014, I did so with an armful of new knowledge. Here is just some of it what I’ve learnt…

1) Perfection is a myth. While something or someone may appear perfect, it is unrealistic and naive to believe you can achieve perfection in anything. Strive for imperfect perfection and you will be much more content. You need to be okay with 99%.

2) The human body has an uncanny ability to produce and release seemingly endless amounts of tears. And sometimes, in the midst of this, if you are exposed to something special you can feel a smile plaster itself slowly, and perhaps only for a moment, across your face.

3) The most important word in the English language… Believe.


The most important English word

4) Friends and family are often around when you’re creating happy memories, but you’ll discover who truly loves you when your happiness goes incognito and they shine brightest for you.

5) You should allow musical notes and the sound of lyrics to trickle down your ear canal as often as possible as music has a unique power to have an amazing effect on your soul.

6) I think that sometimes thinking is overrated and some of us should think less. (In fact, probably overrated a lot of the time, but without thinking about it, it’s hard to say) 😉

7) Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are actually quite delicious. Combined in the right way, the blandness of peanut butter serves as a fabulous diving board for the jelly (or jam as we call it Down Under) to spring off on to your taste buds.

8) Labels are something that should only be given to school lunchboxes or manilla folders in a file cabinet. They serve absolutely no purpose on humans. They will just leave you misguided about others and unable to meet the expectations they place on yourself.

9) Winnie the Pooh was right… Sometimes the smallest things take up the biggest room in your heart.

Some of the little things in my life that take up space in my heart

Some of the little things in my life that take up space in my ❤

10) The family you were born into is like a beautiful puzzle. You all play important roles as individual pieces, with your own edges and holes, and that works pretty well, but it’s when you come together (even if it is only in a few very rare moments) that you feel a sense of completeness, as the puzzle is whole.

11) Time is a magical thing. In a 60 minute flight you can meet an individual that gives you an inspirational nugget of advice, just 20 seconds of courage can really brighten your world and anything can happen in a day.
(Note: If you’re interested in learning more about this thought I recommend you read ‘The Time Keeper’ by Mitch Albom. A beautifully written fable that will open your eyes to the wonder of time.)

12) I love writing! While I didn’t just learn this in 2013, I’ve rediscovered the passion and am enjoying putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) more regularly. (Hence me kicking off the new year with my first blog post in a long while! Yay, B!)

13) While I really don’t like wearing glasses to aid my failing eyes in their quest to see, I’m very thankful for the rosy coloured ones I see the world through. It is these rosy coloured glasses that were probably some of the inspiration for me to start this blog a few years ago. (And if you can’t remember the reason behind B*witching click here for my first blog post.) But most importantly, it’s these rosy coloured glasses that allow me to keep smiling, loving, laughing and, of course, BELIEVING.

So in that light, let’s remember to endure the tears that fall, embrace the people that shine like stars during our darkness and take the lessons that life throws at us and keep moving forward.

‘Til next time,






About B*witching

Hi I'm Bianca, but most people call me B. I live on the beautiful Gold Coast in Australia. I'm addicted to sugar and Starburst Fruitfuls are my favourite 'hit'. I enjoy baking, but don't really like to cook. My favourite colour is purple, but I only eat green grapes. I love life, most of the time. Thanks for checking out my blog. If you haven't already, I recommend you have a read of the 'Why B*witching?' page at the top of the post.

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  1. Beautiful post B. I have a feeling that every day of 2014 will make you just that little bit stronger. Sending you all my love.

  2. Beautiful blog from such a beautiful person. I am looking forward to reading more in 2014. One day we’ll catch up again hey! x

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