A Celebration of Mothers Everywhere


New PictureYesterday, in Australia it was Mother’s Day. While I’m not a Mum myself, I know some incredible women that do all sorts of amazing things under the umbrella of motherhood, so I’d take a moment to reflect upon the wonderful work that mothers do.

First up is a story I recently read about where a lady saved her son’s life in the early 80s. In Georgia, USA, Angela Cavallo’s son Tony was fixing his car in the driveway. One minute everything was fine and Tony was kicking some goals mechanically, and the next, the jack had collapsed and Tony was pinned under his car. Within an instant he was unconscious.

New Picture (2)Angela soon saw what had happened and ran outside to help. But what could one woman do to get a Chevvy off her child? Well, using super-human strength, often described as hysterical strength, she lifted the vehicle up high enough, and for long enough, until two neighbours arrived and dragged Tony out. A medical team soon arrived and Tony lived to tell the tale, and, no doubt, spoil his mother with flowers much more regularly than the annual Mother’s Day. The word mum should really be supermum, shouldn’t it?

Of course, there are also some stories of amazing mothers in the animal kingdom. One such tale is that of an elephant mum. Not only do elephant mothers deserve accolades for enduring 22 month long pregnancies but for also delivering the world’s largest babies with most new born elephants weighing over 100 kilograms. In South Africa, one in particular deserves a special mention after she was filmed saving her own calf from drowning in a waterhole, almost getting stuck herself in the process. Check out this astonishing video clip for yourself:

And, while these two stories are ones of great inspiration, many mothers around the world, doing day-to-day tasks of nurturing, feeding, clothing, guiding, teaching, and loving their child are an inspiration in themselves. There is no doubt that mums have one of the most influential roles in our society.

But let’s be honest, it’s a role that doesn’t come without its challenges. Irregular sleeps when you have a baby, cleaning up vomit or changing wet nappies or beds for your toddler, arguments over just who is actually ‘in charge around here’ with teens and then more sleepless nights again when the P-plates go up in the car and they start being responsible for vehicles.

New Picture (3)

Ma and me ♥

And then, there is one particular Mum who, for me, shines above the rest. My own. She had to re-learn everything she knew about lunch boxes and dinner times when her seven year old boy was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes. And a few years later had to help her pre-teen daughter deal with aggressive bullying and the resultant emotional challenges.

But she took it all in her stride, and amongst it all played board games with her two cherubs and any of the neighbouring kids that wanted to join in, missed her offspring when they went back to school after the holidays, and most importantly, let us lick the cake beaters after an impromptu baking session.

So, this post today is a salute to all mothers; first time mummies, foster mums, mummies-to-be, mums that are now grandmothers, and one very important mother, my own. For without her, none of this would be possible. Happy Mother’s Day, Ma.

’Til next time,




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