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Have a Merry Christmas, Indeed!


With only one sleep to go until the big C day and understandably a lot of pressure is in the air and stress levels are high, I thought I’d share a few festive moments with you to help get you into the spirit giggling.

Saddy Claus

Everyone knows the tradition of the Santa photo. And everyone knows there are many photos taken with crying children. Well how about this picture? Apparently, Santa gets stressed too! I really hope Mum and Dad didn’t have to pay for this – considering Santa is horrified too!

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Chatterbox or Chatter-frocks?


It’s never been a secret that I like to talk. In fact, I openly admit – through conversation, of course – that I’m a chatterbox. (This is perhaps the first time I’ve used a non-verbal communication tool to express it though.)

Do these toilet door symbols say it all?

I suppose as a female I was always destined to have more to say than my male counterparts (although recent studies refute earlier reports that women say an average 20,000 words per day and men only 7,000). As a child my parents always said I could talk under water and once Mum even bought me a giant gobstopper lolly and I’ll still managed to chat whilst eating it. Haha.

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A Secret World of Juvenile Joy


Nothing but the breeze in your hair!

Recently, after finishing my shopping at the grocery store I was heading out to my vehicle in the car park when I did something that I’m sure most adults don’t do. And, I’ll admit, I’ve done it before and I’ll do it again. And, I’ll also admit, that I loved it!

I took a few bigger steps while pushing the trolley and a few faster ones, then I leant over onto the handle and lifted my feet up off the ground. Wheeeeeeeeeee! I was off! In that moment, all my worries flew away like the breeze blowing through my hair… well, in fact all my usualworries were replaced by a new one, ‘I hope I don’t tip off the back of this damn thing!’ Hahaha!

While I know it’s a childish thing to do, it gives me this grand feeling of youth and exuberance and I know next time when I’m in the car park with a trolley (usually after the sun has gone down so I’m less likely to be noticed – but possibly also more likely to be a hit by a passing car) I will be riding along the back of the trolley again.

That got me thinking then about what other child-like things I secretly cherish.

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