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Aging Great-fully


Happy 103rd Birthday!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting a beautiful lady who was 103 years old. Yep, you read right, 103! Gladys (that is such a wonderful name for a centenarian) was very well spoken, walking quite well with the aide of only a stick and giving the other ladies in their 70s and 80s that she was with a run for their money. She was a true treasure. Her age was such an accomplishment.

So that got me thinking about other ‘golden oldies’ that were achieving some amazing accomplishments and proving to themselves and the world that age is no barrier.

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Merriment and melodies


Just jammin'

I spent one afternoon this past weekend basking in some unusual sunshine in Melbourne whilst some of my family was having a bit of an impromptu jam session. It was fun. But most importantly, it was funny.

Listening to them play all sorts of songs, from The Beatles to Michael Buble and even a bit of Megadeath, I started thinking about how wonderful music really is. Not that I’ve ever thought anything to the contrary.

It’s just great how music can do so many things; like really change your mood, bring people together or even help you see yourself in a different light.

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